A Chat About Using A Micro-needle Derma Roller

I just got my first ever micro-needle derma roller!

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This blog post is completed in collaboration with Grace and Stella; all opinions are my own.

For the longest time, the word “needle” in micro-needle stood out to me and was really in the way of me trying the roller out. But I’ve actually heard many great things about it, so last month, I finally decided to give it a try because although my skin isn’t exactly acne-prone, I do still have some old acne scars and an uneven skin tone.

I got the micro-needle derma roller set that comes with a little bottle of Hyaluronic Acid from Grace & Stella Co. Their roller is made with 540 0.25mm fine needles to visibly enhance our skins’ health, targeting and minimizing the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks.

I naturally associated “needles” with “pain,” but honestly speaking, my experience with this roller has been pain-free. And I must admit: I was totally overreacting.


I’ve only used the roller for 4 times so far, so the results are not drastic, but I do see improvement in my skin health, especially around my chin! I targeted this area because that was were I had most of my acne scars.

Before | Old acne scars were still visible around my chin area. (Photo unedited; taken facing natural daylight.)

Before | Old acne scars were still visible around my chin area. (Photo unedited; taken facing natural daylight.)

After 4th use | I raised my head to better show you my chin, where the scarring appeared a lot less visible. (Photo unedited; taken facing natural daylight.)

After 4th use | I raised my head to better show you my chin, where the scarring appeared a lot less visible. (Photo unedited; taken facing natural daylight.)


I’m sure like me, you have a ton of questions about micro-needle derma rolls. So in addition to trying the product out myself, I decided to talk to the experts at Grace and Stella Co., and get some answers for us! There are some very, very important and useful tips, so I highly recommend you reading through this Q&A section!

What do first-time micro-needle derma roller users need to know about this beauty tool? 

Know that it's more intimidating than it looks! We have lots of resources available to anyone who needs a beginner's guide to micro-needling, such as our blog post and YouTube video. Just be sure to do a test patch first, to be on the safe side, and roll lightly - not with a heavy hand!
What can a micro-needle derma roller do which other rollers (like a jade roller, for instance) cannot do?

Both rollers can increase blood circulation, diminish fine lines and help your other skincare products penetrate more deeply into your skin, which is amazing! However, jade rollers are best for brightening your complexion and giving you a bit of a boost where micro-needle derma rollers are mostly used for healing acne scars, plumping your skin through increased collagen production, improving skin texture and reducing the appearance of stretch marks!

What would be the best skincare routine to prep the skin before and care for the skin after using a micro-needle derma roller?

To prepare your skin before using the roller, make sure you've removed ALL traces of makeup and your face has been cleansed! Do not apply moisturizer or serum on your face until after you've finished with the roller. Your skincare products will penetrate deeper into your skin after you complete your treatment so be careful with the products you use - make sure not to use anything too harsh in your skin's vulnerable state!

How often should one use a micro-needle derma roller?

We would recommend to start off using your roller once a week. After a few uses, you can start to use it more frequently but we wouldn't recommend more than three times a week!

Are there skin types that don't suit using the roller?

If you have rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or any other skin issue that may make your skin super irritable, we wouldn't recommend using the derma roller. Also, do not use the roller if you have active or cystic acne or anything along these lines, as you would be spreading bacteria across your face.

What's the benefit of having this derma roller at home and doing it by yourself, versus having it done by a professional?

Professional treatments can be very intense so a lot of people prefer to have more control and do it themselves! Also, micro-needling treatments cost upward of $300 on average per session. Our micro-needle derma roller is less than 1/10th of this price regularly, and by the way: it is on sale right now for $15.99

Thank you for reading, everyone! If you have more questions about the derma roller, please leave a comment below and I’d be happy to find out for you if I don’t already know the answer to it!




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