Styling A Pair of Bejeweled Black Pumps

Introducing my most recent favorite pair of pumps!

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I’m sure we’ve all shared the same past when it comes to wearing heels (or shoes in general), you know, the ones that didn’t treat our feet very well. I remember dealing with cuts, blisters and bruises every weekend back in college. It was when I started working in public relations for a hotel group, where heels were required on a daily basis, that I decided it’s really time to “grow up” and stop wearing shoes that only look great but lack in comfort.

It may be an age thing, too, but now, comfort comes first! And that doesn’t mean I sacrifice on the style, it just means spending more time to find the right pair that is chic and stylish, and comfortable, too. So, trust me when I tell you I’ve found one of the best shoe brands that succeeded in both areas: Bella Belle Shoes!

Bella Belle Shoes is known for their bridal and evening footwear. So you can imagine, most of their products are heeled. At first, I figured they might not be that comfortable to walk in, at least the first few times. But to my surprise, every pair of their heels that I’ve worn have been so, so comfy!

The pair of black heels I styled and am featuring in this post is one of my favorites. I’ve not only just worn it for a few hours, but I’ve also walked around in them in New York City! Not one cut or bruise or blister! How amazing is that? I even had one stranger came up to me asking where I got my heels from.

Read on to see how I styled this pair in 5 different outfits:

monochrome | All Black For The Office

This office-appropriate outfit features a velvet black blazer from Bailey44 and a flattering black leather skirt by Commando. But the look is also great for after-work activities, whether it is a nice dinner or just grabbing drinks. I love this all-black outfit because it’s chic and requires very little brain power in the morning to put together. And I mean, can you ever go wrong with all black?

I paired the entire look with a pop of color by styling it with Jeff Wan’s signature lunch box bag in red and black from the winter collection (available online from December 1, 2018; Use happilyeverstyle15 to get 15% off your order on


Embracing the PJ Trend | Off To a Coffee Meeting

Who says you can’t wear your pajamas to a coffee meeting? I recently came across an adorable brand called No Plans (launching November 6, 2018) that is blurring the very fat, wide line of sleepwear and workwear. Imagine being able to wake up, work from home and pop out for a coffee meeting all in the same top! Isn’t the world suddenly a more beautiful place?

To hide my bed hair, I put on my trusty pink beret. Then I throw on a pair of plaid suit pants (similar pair here) and super soft and cozy cardigan from emmer & oat. And thanks to the heels, I look put together and ready for the day!

Sign up here  to get a free bodega bag from No Plans (limited to the first 1,000 subscribers) and be notified when the brand officially launches!

Sign up here to get a free bodega bag from No Plans (limited to the first 1,000 subscribers) and be notified when the brand officially launches!


Dress To Impress | Ready For a Cocktail Party

I featured this look in my how-to style blog post featuring a midi silk skirt from Maggie Wu Studio. It’s by far one of my favorites that I’ve put together because it’s simple, elegant, chic, and very comfortable at the same time. I think you can wear this outfit to a wedding, a cocktail party, an art gallery event, to the opera or other fancy activities! It’s dressed up but not over the top, which is another reason why I really like this look!


Casual Chic | Sunday Brunch

This pair of high-waisted pants from COS makes my legs longer on its own, but when paired with the Bella Belle’s Olivia black heels, I get to come close to having my dream proportion. I think this casual chic outfit is perfect for grabbing brunch with friends on the weekend, maybe at a slightly fancier place for some bottomless champagne, too.

The brown leather bucket bag I have here is also by Jeff Wan. I love that it’s so spacious (I can throw my umbrella, my iPad, and even my fold-up flats inside), and the bag itself is so light. You can wear it on one shoulder or cross body, which is great when you’re traveling.


A Hint of Parisian Flair | Family Gatherings

I think this is a great outfit for nice family gatherings — the type where photos get taken, you know what I mean? (Grin.) It’s a nice pop of color, and the midi skirt makes the look more modest. I generally don’t like showing too much skin, but especially when I’m meeting elders in the family, I make sure I dress properly to show respect, without comprising style, of course!

IMG_2398 2.JPG

Which outfit do you like the most? How would you pair the black pumps? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Thank you for reading!



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