A Happy Halloween with Disney Villains

Tis’ the season to dress up and have fun!


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Two weeks ago, I hosted a little Halloween get-together with some of my fellow blogger friends in New York — special thanks to Mexican restaurant Toro Loco for hosting us that afternoon!

The theme was “Disney Villains” and I dressed up as Cruella de Vil from The Hundred and One Dalmatians. It was so much fun putting my look together, mostly because I’ve never really worn a wig before and this was my first time! I found the black and white wig and a cigarette holder from Amazon and those two items pulled the whole look together! The rest was easy, just a black dress, a red fur jacket, some red lipstick, red gloves, and ta-da!


I had a lot of fun with the girls! It was so nice to really spend time with everyone. Those who attended the gathering included Lisa from @stylevoila, who dressed up as my other half (i.e. a dalmatian, ha!), Hajra from @hajra_aaa, who dressed up as Mother Gothel, Mary from @layersofchic_, who dressed up as Minnie (obviously not a villain, but at least a Disney character), Selma from @laselmastyle, who dressed up as Poison Ivy, and Krity from @krity_s, who dressed up as Ursula. Everyone’s costume was so on point!

Minnie being terrorized by the Disney villains.

Minnie being terrorized by the Disney villains.

The whole squad. (From far left) Hajra, Lisa, myself, Mary, Krity and Selma.

The whole squad. (From far left) Hajra, Lisa, myself, Mary, Krity and Selma.


Located on Stone Street, Toro Loco is a Mexican restaurant inspired by the vibrant taquerias of Mexico City. The eatery has two levels and we took over a corner near the bar and windows. The interior features the Day of the Dead-themed designs, which fit perfectly with Halloween; it was the perfect spot for us to show up in our costumes!


Check out more photos from the party:


All of the photos in the blog were taken by Ashley Gallerani. What did you dress up as for Halloween this year? Share with me by leaving a comment below!

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