LFW | Feb 2019: Shows I Attended & My Outfits

This was the first London Fashion Week I’ve ever attended!

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I went to college and graduate school in the U.K., so it wasn’t my first time to London, but I was so excited this time round because it was my first time there for London Fashion Week!

In total, I watched 3 shows and went to see 2 presentations. And I enjoyed all of them! I think for me, London Fashion Week was good fun. Not only was I able to meet up with some old friends, but I met a few new ones, too. Plus, everyone got so lucky with the weather! It was only rainy for one of the days, but the rest was beautiful.

Read on to learn more about the designers and check out the details of my outfits:


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The first presentation I went to in London took place at Freemason’s Hall and it was for a brand called Omniss.

The brand, founded by Asya Ter-Hovakimyan and Francisco Zhou, communicates different perspectives of the present and the future through innovative designs. The collection presented to us that day illustrated a potential future, where artificial intelligence play such a significant role in our lives, even they would be dressed according to their roles in society. And they would be dressed stylish, too.

The set design was simple but quite interesting; white tubes were used to frame the outline of an “office,” a “hotel,” a “bar” etc. The models moved in a robotic manner to mimic the AI’s movements.

Personally, I thought the overall concept was fun.

The weather was fairly good that day so I decided to simply wear a suit. I picked out a velvet top from Donna Zhong Official in camel to go for a monochrome look. It was a really simple outfit, but you can never go wrong with a matching suit set!

For the first presentation, I wore a head-to-toe camel-toned outfit, featuring a suit and a velvet top, as well as my burn orange suede heels from Jacquemus. Photos by  @lucy_aliceb .

For the first presentation, I wore a head-to-toe camel-toned outfit, featuring a suit and a velvet top, as well as my burn orange suede heels from Jacquemus. Photos by @lucy_aliceb.


Later the same day, I went to another presentation. The designer showcasing his work was Chen Xuzhi, the chief designer behind the London-based fashion label Xu Zhi. Chen previously only did womenswear but showcased his first menswear collection this season.

I really enjoyed this presentation because of several reasons. Firstly, the designs, although for men and women, are unisex and a good blend of strong and soft characteristics. Secondly, the whole experience was intriguing and intimate. The way the “stage” was set up allowed viewers to become a part of the theatrical performance. Right before I left, I also learned that the brand partnered with Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com; the app alerted users of the show when it started and they were able to shop the looks!

LFW DAY THREE (Oxford Fashion Studio, Leonie Mergen & AADNEVIK)

On Sunday, February 17, I went to three different shows. The first one was a collective show by Oxford Fashion Studio, featuring designers including Jasmine Chenell, Rora, and Anel.

One of my favorite collections from the show was by Rora. The overall design mixed solid edgy vibes with bouncy fringe details that added movement to the pieces. They’re feminine but with a strong character.

Following the collective show was an exclusive show by Leonie Mergen. The Berlin-based brand presented a collection of pieces that are mostly in neutral colors. What makes the collection stand out, in my opinion, is the abstract shapes that are subtly incorporated into the pieces. Sometimes they seem accidental, which makes the pieces more interesting to look at. However, it is apparent that the unique design didn’t compromise wearability.

I wore a bright green coat from New York-based Korean brand Saku over a baby blue knit dress, and I belted everything with a navy leather belt from Ralph Lauren. I rarely wear green but this turned out to be one of my favorite outfits I wore during fashion week this season!

Color-blocking at LFW. Photo by  Elena Gola .

Color-blocking at LFW. Photo by Elena Gola.

This was one of my favorite outfits I wore this season. Photo by  Elena Gola .

This was one of my favorite outfits I wore this season. Photo by Elena Gola.

In the evening, I was invited to AADNEVIK’s show by a blogger friend. The show took place at a beautiful library inside One Whitehall Place. The brand, founded by Hila and Kristian Aadnevik, showcased a collection of provocative pieces with a hint of romantic touches, and sometimes edgy elements.

The mix of materials like ruffles and leather adds a lot of character to the collection. It was a really fun show to watch and a good one to end my fashion week with, I’d say.

My last day at LFW. Photos by  @lucy_aliceb .

My last day at LFW. Photos by @lucy_aliceb.

The outfit I wore to this show featured a long brown leather coat from SALAKAIA; I extended the end of the coat by wearing a leopard-print midi skirt from Reformation.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. Hopefully, next season I will have even more content to share with you! Let me know which outfit was your favorite or what sort of fashion week content you’d like to see next season by leaving a comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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