NYFW | Feb 2019: Shows I Attended & My Outfits (Part 2)

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I’m continuing my last post where I featured the first half of the shows I attended during NYFW last month, and the outfits I wore.

NYFW DAY FIVE (Backstage: Alice & Olivia)

On Monday, February 11, I went backstage with #KBeauty skincare brand Mamonde, the official skincare brand to partner with Alice & Olivia during NYFW, to see how the models prep their skin before makeup artists and hair stylists get them ready for the presentation.

As someone who believes in “skincare before makeup,” I was really excited to learn some tricks from the Mamonde team. A good makeup look really starts with the right moisturizing products! So it was no surprise to me when they told me their Rose Water Toner, their star product, was used in the prepping stage. The focus was really placed on making sure the skin looks well-rested and hydrated.

The final look of the models featured a sleek, pulled-back low bun with a clean makeup with bold lips.

Skin prepped by  Mamonde ; makeup by Maybelline; and hair by TRESemmé®.

Skin prepped by Mamonde; makeup by Maybelline; and hair by TRESemmé®.

In terms of my outfit, I styled a very unique blazer designed by sustainable fashion brand called AGAATI. On the sleeves, there was one hand-sewn phoenix with ribbons attached as the “feathers” on both sleeves. I loved the brown, neutral tones and I especially adored the fact that the piece is very one-of-a-kind; I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be bumping into anyone wearing the same thing.

In order to make sure my hands were free to do all the photo-taking, and not be in anyone’s way, I wore a belt bag from Senreve over the blazer.

The unique blazer is from AGAATI. Photo by Ashley Gallerani.

The unique blazer is from AGAATI. Photo by Ashley Gallerani.

NYFW DAY SEVEN (Calvin Luo & Marc Jacobs)

Calvin Luo’s finale at Spring Studios.

I didn’t have any shows to attend on the sixth day, but I ended the season in New York with two great shows! And then I ran to the airport to catch my flight to London the same evening!

The first show was Calvin Luo at Spring Studios. The seating arrangement was very interesting! The way it was designed allowed everyone to be at “front row.” The models walked down every single aisle, and I thought that was very clever. Of course, the models had to do more walking than usual, but it allowed every show attendee to feel like a special guest!

Calvin Luo’s collection featured a mix of menswear and womenswear. The designs generally seemed very structural with a relaxed fit. I personally thought he was very good at mix-matching patterns, materials, and colors; you’d think some pieces might clash but they end up working cohesively.

Last, but not least, the final show of the season for me was Marc Jacobs! I was very, very fortunate to have the opportunity to to this show as a fellow blogger friend’s plus one.

Naturally, we sat quite far away but everything was still just amazing. The entire space was pitch back when the show started, with only spotlights on the live small orchestra, and the models walking in. It created mysterious and dramatic vibes throughout the entire space, like a theatre show was playing.

One of my favorite looks is a mint green over-the-knee belted coat and a contrasting yellow scarf! I love how refreshing the colors are; the combination reminds us that spring vibes work all year round, too.

Another fabulous look is a cape-and-scarf-matching plaid set. The warm, neutral tones are so fall-perfect and you can never go wrong with monochrome outfits.

Marc Jacobs'‘s Fall 2019 show. Photo credit: Getty.

Marc Jacobs'‘s Fall 2019 show. Photo credit: Getty.

One of my favorite looks from Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2019 show.

One of my favorite looks from Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2019 show.

The outfit I wore to the last day of shows turned out to be one of my all-time favorite looks! In order to be able to include my neon Marc Jacobs box bag, I decided to find an outfit that matches the bag instead of how I usually do it the other way around! I wanted the bag to pop, so I picked a color that is the total opposite: baby blue!

I wore a knitwear midi-length dress, layered a Ganni light blue and white plaid coat over it, and belted everything with a wide pink belt. I went for a pink beret as well to echo the color of the belt. And then my chic and comfortable leather white booties are from NYC-based independent designer Daniella Shevel.

My new favorite coat is from  Ganni .

My new favorite coat is from Ganni.

The neon pink and orange Marc Jacobs box bag. Photos by Ashley Gallerani.

The neon pink and orange Marc Jacobs box bag. Photos by Ashley Gallerani.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for stopping by and for your continuous support! I hope you enjoyed the content!




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