1 Slip Dress Styled for 4 Occasions

Most of my go-to everyday looks involve a slip dress.

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Wearing the lilac dress as it is. Photo by  Ashley Gallerani Photography .

Wearing the lilac dress as it is. Photo by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

I personally find a slip dress so easy to style for various occasions. Whether they are made of silk, satin or a blend of other materials, as long as they are soft to touch and comfortable to wear, then they’re good to go.

A few months ago, & Other Stories gifted me a shoulder tie midi lilac slip dress (also comes in 3 other colors), and I fell in love with it because 1) the color is so pretty! 2) it’s a loose-fit design, and 3) you can machine-wash it!

The lavender hue pops and the loose fit allows me to be more comfortable (i.e. I can eat that extra piece of cake). And yes, the fact that I can throw it into the washing machine is a bonus because I don’t always have time (or maybe patience? Hehe) to hand wash. I love it so much, I actually went online and bought the same one in black!

I’m big on being able to style the same piece in different ways — maximizing a minimal closet is the way to go! So here are 5 different looks I’ve put together with my new everyday slip dress.


A Wedding Guest Look

I wore this look to a friend’s wedding in Brazil back in June! I had a pink blazer on during the ceremony and reception when we were sitting in cold air-conditioned rooms, and took it off when the party got started!

To complete the look, I went for a comfortable and elegant pair of white pumps with bejeweled straps that I received as a gift from Bella Belle Shoes.

The bag is from my new favorite Italian luxury bag brand called Benedetta Bruzziches.

Photo by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

Ready for a Rooftop Picnic

One of my husband’s favorite summer activities is to go for a picnic, whether it is in the park, by the water or on a rooftop!

This casual weekend outfit features a maxi vest, flat sandals from Mint and Rose, as well as a clear tote by Jeff Wan.

Photo by Ashley Gallerani Photography.


A Travel Outfit

In July, I went on a weekend trip with some fellow content creators to Miami, and I wore this outfit on the plane!

I paired the slip dress with white sneakers and a light linen buttoned down shirt, which together allowed me to be comfortable without looking too comfortable.

My leather round suitcase that is the perfect size for a short getaway is from a Hong Kong brand called Ookonn.

Running to a Coffee Meeting

A slightly less dress-up version of the “wedding guest look,” this outfit works for the office, and in my case, perfect for coffee meetings!

Any blazer can easily work but I picked out one in baby blue because I wanted to stick to the pastel theme.

Photo by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

In case you’re thinking this dress is only suitable for the current season, think again! I actually can’t wait till the weather cools down so I can layer sweaters and cardigans over the slip dress for a fall look!

Which outfit was your favorite? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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