Traveling Light: 5 Pieces, 8 Looks

You probably know this already, but I enjoy being able to mix and match the same pieces to create different looks.

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Continuing the first post from the new “Traveling Light” series, which has been one of the best-performing posts on Happily Ever Style thus far, I decided to challenge myself to pack as little as possible for a week-long trip.

In this post, I’ve created a total of 8 looks with just 5 pieces. To me, being able to just pack 5 pieces of clothing in my carryon means I get to have plenty of space to bring back souvenirs and other new goodies I may (or most probably will) buy locally!

The 5 pieces I will be featuring are all by NYC-based designer Donna Zhong, a Once Upon client:

  1. A velvet midi skirt

  2. A simple black slip dress (similar here)

  3. A silk cotton checkered dress

  4. A hammer satin cropped top

  5. A hammer satin matching midi skirt


(Above) The Hammer Satin Set features a cropped top with tied back details and a midi-length skirt with an adjustable side detail.

(Right) The Silk Cotton Dress comes with a black slip; this piece can be shortened as a top or be left down as a dress.


Scroll down to see the 8 different looks I put together!

Outfit No. 1: The Silk Cotton Dress + Slip

The first look features the Silk Cotton Checker Dress; I simply wore the set as it is with the black slip underneath. I had both sides of the dress tied up to shorten it a little, and paired it with heels for a date night look. I love how elegant, yet comfortable this look is, and because of the breathable material, it works well in the summer heat despite it being black.

I paired the dress with  a white pair of heels from Bella Belle Shoes  for a date-night appropriate look.

I paired the dress with a white pair of heels from Bella Belle Shoes for a date-night appropriate look.

Outfit No. 2: Silk Cotton Dress + Velvet Skirt

For the second look, I ruched up the same cotton dress even more and tied the back to turn it into a top. I paired it with a velvet skirt and flat sandals from Bella Belle Shoes for a more casual vibe. I love the mix of materials and textures in this look.


Outfit No. 3: The Hammer Satin Set

I love wearing matching sets and this set is definitely one of my favorites! Although the color is in a neutral pink, the shine and the subtle texture from the satin material gives character to the pieces. The highlight of this look, in my opinion, is the beautiful ruched up details on the left side of the midi skirt. I love the luxe touch it adds to the piece.

Because the pieces are so light weight, they are great choices when it comes to packing.


Outfit No. 4: Hammer Satin Top + Black Slip Dress

For a weekend day out, I wore the hammer satin cropped top over the black slip dress and paired the outfit with white sneakers. I added a sun hat to complete the summer look! I also made sure I used a belt to accentuate my waist so my curves don’t get lost in the layers!


Outfit No. 5: The Black Slip Dress

You can never go wrong with a simple little black dress, whatever the occasion!

I decided to go for a monochrome look by going for a pair of black heels with pearl accents and a black and white bag, but the dress can easily be dressed down with sandals and a cross body bag when traveling, too.


Outfit No. 6: Velvet Skirt + Black Slip Dress

Possibly my favorite look out of the 8, this outfit features the same black slip dress, but I pulled the velvet midi skirt over it so it seems like I’m wearing it with a silk camisole top! This combination, again, has a blend of different texture, giving a minimal outfit a subtle hint of depth. The mix of materials include silk, velvet and the tulle on the black heeled sandals!


Outfit No. 7: Hammer Satin Skirt + Black Slip Dress

This look continues the same concept as the outfit above but with the hammer satin skirt instead! I added a statement bag but nothing too overpowering.


Outfit No. 8: Hammer Satin Top + Velvet Skirt

Last, but not least, I styled the hammer satin cropped top over the velvet skirt — another favorite of mine! I love how the tan color in the velvet skirt brings out the warmer tones of the top and almost making it look like its another top altogether. I personally think the hues work well with my skin tone, too!

Another reason I like this combination is because the cropped top hits right at the waist, giving the illusion that my legs are longer than they really are!


Which outfit out of the 8 is your favorite? Let me know by leaving a comment below! I’d love to hear what you think!

Thank you for stopping by Happily Ever Style!



Photos by: Ashley Gallerani Photography.

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