How to Prep Your Skin the Night Before a Photo Shoot

You need that glow, baby!

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My daily skincare routine is fairly straightforward. In the morning, I use a gentle face wash, apply a toner and then a hydrating cream. If I'm leaving the house, I would go for a moisturizer, or a tinted version, with SPF. At night, after double-cleansing, I use a sheet mask or the wash-off type of clay mask, apply a serum and then finish it off with a night cream.

But for special occasions, like attending a wedding, or in preparation for a photo shoot, I change things up a bit the night before in order to I look my possible best in hopes of that extra boost of glow!

Read on to see my tips:

Avoid Salty and Spicy Food

When you eat salty food, it can cause an increase in water weight. And sometimes, that "weight" will put a few extra pounds on your face. Plus, I always find my skin to be dull and more tired-looking when I indulge in high sodium foods. So try to stay away from them for just one night!

I personally don't eat a lot of spicy food in general, but especially the night before an event or a photo shoot, because my skin tends to break out the next day. Maybe it isn't spicy food that gives you breakouts but rather fried food or chocolate, then avoid those! Your safest bet is to eat clean throughout the day before but if you can't do that, then at least do it during dinnertime!

Massage Face with Face Oil

Since I have combination skin, I don't use face oils regularly in certain seasons. In the winter, I would use it daily but in the summer, only once in while on my cheeks and neck since I have an oily t-zone.

But specifically on nights before a shoot, after having used a sheet mask, I would first warm the oil in my palms and press it against my cheeks. Then I massage my face by pressing firmly down on pressure points with my knuckles in an upward motion. This helps firm the skin and alleviate excess fluid as well.

Some of my current favorite face oils include a customizable one from The Buff, Juno from Sunday Riley, and Diptyque's Infused Face Oil.

The face roller was a gift from Angela Caglia Skincare; all opinions are my own.

The face roller was a gift from Angela Caglia Skincare; all opinions are my own.

Use a Roller

When I don't use my knuckles, I would use a roller instead, which to be honest, have been my preference lately.

About 2, 3 weeks ago, I got the Rose Quartz Facial Roller by Angela Caglia Skincare and have been using it almost every other night because it helps with ridding fluid retention but also, it feels so relaxing! I also have a two-head jade roller and usually use the smaller end for the area around my eyes.

Don't Try A New Product

You never know what a new product would do to your skin until after few tries, so just in case it causes a reaction or it takes a while for your skin to adjust itself to it, I'd highly recommend you testing new products after a photo shoot or an event (like your wedding day, for instance). Go with what already works well with your skin!

Try Not to Cry

Because you don't want puffy eyes, that' why. So don't watch sad movies and don't get into a fight with someone. You get the idea.

Sleep Early

So if you can't do ANY of the above, then just go to bed early! This is probably the most important tip, anyway. A well-rested night tend to solve a lot of my skin problems!


Do you have any other tips? Share them with me by leaving a comment below! 

Thank you for reading!



Tricia Chen is co-founder of Key To Radiance. She loves having fresh flowers in her apartment, putting on face masks, savoring cupcakes and a daily cup of grande almond latte. She works in PR and Marketing, and is currently based in New York.

Skin Type: Combination skin with an oily T-zone area (forehead and nose). Changes in climate, diet and/or lack of sleep irritates skin and causes inflammation, which then leads to large pores. High moisture level required on dry cheeks.