Why You Should Own a Pair of Gold Shoes

Gold is the new neutral!

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I never really realized how great gold shoes are until recently when I went on my Europe trip (check out my travel posts: Budapest and Vienna)! I say that because they seemed to work with a lot of my outfits throughout the 10-day period, and I didn't intentionally pack outfits that would work with my gold shoes!

The two pairs of gold shoes I wear the most often is from M.Gemi and Hobes. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen them several times already. Because I get asked why I love them so much, I decided to share my reasons here! So read on to find out:

Gold is Basically Nude

I sometimes see gold as a glossy, shiny beige, so it has been an alternative "nude" choice for me when I wanted to "spice up" my shoe closet. I treat it as the same color group as tan.

Photo by  Elena Sittel .

Photo by Elena Sittel.

In Zurich, Switzerland.

In Zurich, Switzerland.

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Use LASTCHANCEAFF for $30 off a subscription!

Gold is Easy to Style

I used to think it's a hard color to style, but it really isn't! Just think about how you pair your gold jewelry pieces, got no problem there, right? 

Gold Makes a Neutral Outfit More Fun

Just imagine an all black, all white or any other monochromatic outfits, with a pop of gold! It is a simple way to add personality and a fun vibe.

Wearing gold flats from  Hobes ; photo taken by  Ákos Vincze .

Wearing gold flats from Hobes; photo taken by Ákos Vincze.


Gold Works for Many Occasions

My gold heels go with a lot of dresses. Whether it is for a cocktail event or a wedding, a pair of gold heels allows you to be stress-free whatever the occasion is.

When I pair it with jeans, its perfect for brunch or grabbing drinks. And as for the pair of gold flats I own? It has literally gone to all sorts of places with me! 

Wearing gold heels from  M.Gemi ; photo by  Ashley Gallerani .

Wearing gold heels from M.Gemi; photo by Ashley Gallerani.

Gold is a Seasonless Color

I like wearing white in the summer, warmer tones for fall, and usually darker hues during the winter. But gold just seems to work all year long in my opinion!

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