5 Reasons I'm Obsessed with This Toner

For the longest time, I refused to incorporate a toner into my daily skincare routine.


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Mostly because I’ve just had such bad experience with several different toners in the past. A lot of them didn’t do anything for my skin. Many would dry my cheeks to the point where my skin becomes flaky and extremely red. There’s been too many times when I’ve thrown away fairly new bottles despite it being 95% full.

A lot of people were surprised when they found out I’ve been skipping a toner in my skincare routine. To be honest, I questioned the existence of toners.

And then recently, my relationship with toners changed — in fact, I think I met the love of my life (in the world of skincare products).

It all started when I became a BeautyRx ambassador 2 months ago. I was offered a consultation session with Dr. Schultz, who is very kind and friendly (and humorous, actually), and I told him about my main skin concerns: large, open pores and redness. He explained the reasons why my skin was having those issues and provided me with a set of products to use at home. One of the products was the Clarifying Toner.

I thought about telling Dr. Schultz how I felt about toners at first but decided to stay open-minded and just try out the products he recommended. I mean, after all, he is the doctor.

Only after one single day, I knew I have been so wrong about toners. They haven’t been doing any good to my skin simply because I have been going for the wrong ones.

Just for your reference, I have combination skin with oily t-zones and very dry, sensitive cheeks.

Read on to learn how this product changed my perspective on toners, and why I love it so much:

I recently brought the toner with me to Buzios, Brazil.

I recently brought the toner with me to Buzios, Brazil.

It doesn’t dry my skin

First and foremost, the one thing all of the other toners I’ve tried that really bothered me the most was how they further dried my already really dry cheeks. My skin would flare up from irritation and sometimes, it would look like I’ve been in the sun.

The Clarifying Toner, however, did not dry my skin at all. Even when I don’t apply moisturizer immediately after, my face never felt tight. Instead, my skin felt softer and my cheeks are a lot calmer. It doesn’t go red anymore!

One of the main ingredients in this alcohol-free toner is Sodium PCA, which stands for Sodium Pyrollidone Carboxylic Acid, and what it does is it helps maintain proper hydration by binding and attracting water molecules to your skin. It also enhances suppleness to your skin, too! And then Propylene Glycol, another main ingredient, helps prevents dryness.

It really cleans my skin

In order for me to combat large open pores, I need to first make sure they are clean and that nothing is trapped in them. From Dr. Schultz, I learned that having a toner is essential to ensuring proper cleansing. The goal is to use the toner to remove excess makeup, oil, or dirt that the cleanser may have missed. It also removes the “leftover” cleanser on your face as well. Nothing is more important than making sure my face is really clean, so I love this two-step “verification” concept.

It can replace a cleanser throughout the day

I don’t apply any makeup on days when I work from home or when I go for a barre class. Now, instead of actually washing my face, I just spray a few pumps of the toner onto a cotton pad and wipe down my face in the middle of the day or after a work out. It refreshes my skin and takes off the sweat without drying my skin.

Especially for going to barre or hot yoga classes, I love being able to just bring the toner with a few cotton pads and nothing else. The product has simplified things for me!

It smells so nice!

Not sure how important it is for you to like the way your products smell, but for me, it matters a lot! Firstly, they cannot have a lot of fragrance/perfume because those types of products tend to be the ones that irritate my skin. But they can’t smell horrible either, because that just makes me not want to use the product anymore.

The scent of the toner is very soothing and calming. It has a light fragrance and I really like that!

It works on my back, too

So one thing I’ve been dealing with since my teenage years is back acne — i.e. bacne. Sometimes, it really is just about keeping the skin sweat-free and clean. So after the gym or just a hot summer day out, I like to use the toner on my back with a cotton pad to clean the skin. I feel that since I started using the toner on my back, I haven’t gotten any new pimples. Now I just need to focus on dealing with acne scars!

Do you use a toner? What do you think of them? Let me know by leaving a comment below! Feel free to ask me questions about the product, too, if you have any.

The Clarifying Toner by BeautyRx now plays an important part of my daily skincare routine.

The Clarifying Toner by BeautyRx now plays an important part of my daily skincare routine.


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Skin Type: Combination skin with an oily T-zone area (forehead and nose). Changes in climate, diet and/or lack of sleep irritates skin and causes inflammation, which then leads to large pores. High moisture level required on dry cheeks.