How to Style a Blazer in 4 Winter Ways

Hi, everyone! 

Earlier this year, I bought a nice blush pink striped blazer from Free People. It's the perfect spring piece in my opinion, but I couldn't wait for warmer days to wear it. So I decided to style it the winter-way by adding pieces over and under it! If you've read my post on ways I re-style one coat, then you know how much I like playing around with layering!

Check out some of the looks I've put together:

Look No. 1: All Black for a Pop of Pink

The first look was worn during #NYFW last month. I wore a black lace camisole, a black fur vest over the blazer, and paired it with black leather pants. I kept everything black to allow the pink blazer to pop! I also decided to wear my blush sparkly wedding heels from Jimmy Choo to echo the pink tones of the blazer. 

Look No. 2: Pink on Pink with a Waterfall Collar

For the second look, I'm staying warm with Uniqlo's heattech t-shirt and a cashmere cardigan under the blazer. I picked this cardigan because of the waterfall collar, which allows me to overlap it over the blazer and show off my layers. I belted the cardigan so it would stay closed, keeping my body warm. When my hands are getting cold, I slip on my pink fingerless gloves from Naadam

Look No. 3: Pink on Pink and an Extra Layer


This is technically more like a Look No. "2.5" because I'm simply adding another layer to my previous look. This is for those even-colder days when you really need a windbreaker. I chose a classic trench coat because you can never go wrong with that!

Look No. 4: Dressing It Down in Jeans


This look is more casual. I'm able to show off the blazer as a winter outerwear thanks to my mega-warm yak down sweater from Shokay. I'm not a big fan of turtlenecks because they suffocate me, but this sweater has a very loose turtleneck design that allows it to hang. Plus, the material is so soft and non-itchy, so it doesn't bother me in any way. I love the combination of wearing pink with baby blue, so I paired it with light blue jeans.

Which one out of the 4 is your favorite look? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Thank you for reading!



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