How to Style 1 Coat in 8 Ways

Happy Monday!

Cold days call for nice, warm coats. But no matter what you wear inside, one coat essentially just gives you that one winter outfit, especially when you're staying outdoors, #AmIRight? I love buying coats, but I can only have so many in my New York City-sized closet space. Plus, I enjoy re-wearing the same items in different ways, so I'm constantly experimenting! 

Today, I'm sharing a few tips on how to style the same outerwear, making your one coat look like eight different ones! My "foundation piece" here is a black wool coat I got from Reiss a few years ago (similar here).

Add a Vest Over the Coat

This is perfect for those super cold days (like when New York gets hit by a #bombcyclone). Add a vest, short or long, over your coat to keep the body extra warm! I decide to go for a puffer vest for a casual weekend look.


Belt it

The easiest way to give your outerwear a different look is to add a statement belt. This is possibly my most frequent go-to method. Big coats tend to hide all your curves, so I love this trick because it highlights the waistline.


Utilize a Blanket Scarf

Put a shawl over your shoulders to add another layer to your coat. I wanted a pop of color, so I went for this pink one from Acne Studios. You can wrap the shawl all the way around your shoulders and upper arms too for a classy look, perfect for a nice dinner date.


Add a Fur Collar

You can now find faux fur collars almost everywhere since it is so in-trend this season! I actually have just been using the fur that I took off from a parka because it works just like a collar when I put it around my neck! The fur adds a sophisticated element to the overall look. 

Wear a Waterfall Collar Jacket Underneath

Double it up by wearing a jacket with a waterfall collar (or just big collars) inside the coat. Flip out the collar so it looks like it belongs to the original coat! This is also a very good way to stay extra warm in those extra cold days. The piece I wore inside the coat is a thin cashmere jacket, so it provides me with more warmth without adding too much bulk.


Layer Another Coat or Jacket Over Shoulders

I have a trench coat from Uniqlo that has an extra padded layer in the lining so it is warm, but certainly still not warm enough in the negatives. However, because it is a great windbreaker, it really keeps me warm when I put it over my shoulders on my coat! This combination came together by accident, but I really like it because it also adds texture to the overall look.


Spice Up the Sleeves

Wear long gloves to add a twist to your sleeves! Since I'm wearing all black, I decided to pick out a pair of color block long gloves for more of a fun look. If you don't have a pair of long gloves and don't plan to buy one, then roll up the coat's sleeves to reveal whatever you're wearing underneath.


Maxi-fy Your Coat

Turn your coat into a maxi by wearing a long skirt. I like mixing different materials in one outfit, so I picked out a sheer maxi skirt with gold embroidery and wore it with my thermal leggings to keep my legs warm. You can easily make this work for a fancier event.


If you give any of these tricks a try, please share your photo(s) with me in the comments below! I'd love to see how you style your winter coats, too. Thank you for reading! 



Tricia Chen is co-founder of Key To Radiance. She loves having fresh flowers in her apartment, putting on face masks, savoring cupcakes and a daily cup of grande almond latte. She works in PR and Marketing, and is currently based in New York.

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