Star Hue of the Month: Power Red

Let's embrace colors!

Welcome to my new series, featuring a star color every month! I will be sharing how I wear, style and/or accessorize the color in my #realoutfits. I was actually inspired to start this series when I was working on my UltraViolet post

I'm kicking off the series today with the first hue: the vibrant red! Check out some of the outfits I've put together:


You might have seen my monochrome post from a while back, featuring a head-to-toe red outfit featuring a dress and robe set by a brand called Par en Par. For colder days like the current weather in New York City, I swapped out the light robe for a sweater cardigan from Eggie. I added a belt to accentuate my waistline. 


Romantic Feels

I wore this red cashmere sweater from Naadam and added a black collared shirt underneath for Valentine's Day earlier this year. The collar had gold studs on them so I decided to wear my gold triangular earrings to echo the color. I think this look is perfect for a winter date night.  


A Touch of Red

If wearing red is simply too much for you, try to incorporate the color into your looks through accessories, like a red scarf! I got this extra long red scarf from Asos (similar here) and thought it was a good statement piece! Red lipstick or these red tassel earrings I have on are great red accents, too.


Casual Weekend Vibes

For a more weekend-casual look, I got out my red bomber, also from Eggie, layered it over a red sweater, and paired it with black jeans and white sneakers. It's a great outfit for roaming around the city all day, and perfect for travel too, because it's comfortable and the red is such a  photogenic color! And in case you haven't noticed, I like pairing red with black because you just can't go wrong with that combination.


I hope you like this new series and the looks I put together! Let me know if you have a color you'd like me to feature next by leaving a comment below.

Thank you for reading!



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