Styling a Convertible Raincoat in 3 Ways

Hi, everyone!

I've partnered up with Clothia, an online destination featuring exclusive wearable statement pieces from international designers, to showcase a unique convertible raincoat from their collection!

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I love this piece because not only is it going to keep me dry in the rain, but it will also allow me to wear it in so many ways (at least 5 to be exact!). It's versatile and chic, plus a touch of edginess. And may I say, the perfect piece to travel with, too!

Check out the three outfits I've put together with this coat:

Look No. 1: Trench Coat as a Dress

The first look is simply wearing the coat as a dress. I buttoned up everything and finished the look with the obi belt that came with the coat. On the bottom, I wore black pants to keep my legs warm from the cold weather in New York City. However, it can easily be worn as a dress on its own because of its length!


Look No. 2: Open Coat Over Jeans

For a more casual look, I wore a white sweater and jeans and left the raincoat open. The buttons and oversized pockets on the coat should get all the attention, so I decided to keep the outfit clean and simple. 


You can use promo code tricia10love to get 10% off any purchase on

Look No. 3: All Black and A Cropped Jacket

Perfect for slightly warmer days, unzip the bottom half of the coat to instantly get a cropped jacket! Under it, I wore a black silk top and black jeans. I actually liked this outfit a lot because my legs appeared longer with the jacket being cropped.


There are still so many ways you can style this piece, including wearing it as a skirt or unzipping the arms to turn it into a vest! The model showcases the piece here in the additional ways of wearing the piece if you're interested in checking it out!

How would you style this coat? Let me know by leaving a comment below! I'd love to learn from you as well!

Thank you for reading!



You can use promo code tricia10love to get 10% off any purchase on

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