This is My Hair Care Routine

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A good hair day always puts an extra big smile on my face; I feel like I can go out and conquer the world when my hair looks photoshoot-ready. And that's why I make a great effort to take good care of my hair! 

Despite having dyed my hair several times, I get compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair looks from people (grin), including hair stylists, too! So I decided to share my hair care routine today along with some tips. Hopefully, you'll find them helpful!

I've received some of the products featured in this post as gifts; everything I say here is 100% my own opinion!


I Don't Wash My Hair Everyday

I know some people get grossed out by this, but allowing your hair's natural oil to work and protect your hair is important! You may think this means you'd get super oily hair, but over time it would actually become less oily in general.

My hair has been dyed, and washing it every day would also mean the color could fade faster. So not washing it daily helps protect the color. Plus, I often find that overwashing dries my scalp (P.S. I will share a scalp care post soon), and a dry scalp means duller, less healthy hair!

But I Do Use Hair Oil Everyday

Whether it is right out of the shower when my hair is still damp or any time of the day when my hair is dry, I apply "two pumps" of Moroccanoil Treatment to my hair. The formula is rich in antioxidant and has argan oil, which adds shine and nutrients to your hair. I have a travel size version on my desk and I apply some on the ends of my hair whenever I feel like it. 

The oil smooths out my hair and I just love the smell of it, too. There are other hair oils out there, but this has been my favorite since I started using it last year.

I Brush My Hair Everyday

Brushing your hair is, in fact, a form of "dry cleaning"! The general concept is brushing off dust and other impurities that build up on your scalp and hair. When your hair is less dull, it would naturally be shinier.

My old hairbrush is so beaten up, but thankfully, Moroccanoil's very kind team replaced it just in time with their handmade Boar Bristle Classic Brush. I love how light it is!

When you brush your hair with natural boar bristle brushes, they stimulate and massage your scalp, which leads to healthier hair growth. I bought the round version of the brush from Moroccanoil for my mom as a gift a while back and she loves it. She travels with it and said her hair has gone softer and more manageable because of it.


I Switch Up Shampoos

I always have at least two different types of shampoos at the same time because switching them up have proven to make a difference to my hair! Plus, every product is designed to target different areas and/or issues, so this helps cover them all. I also believe that your hair can get used to the same shampoo and eventually, the product wouldn't be as effective.

Currently, I'm rotating between Aveda's invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo, which acts like a gentle scalp exfoliator, Briogeo's nutrient-rich Rosarco Repair Shampoo, and the Color Minded by Bumble and bumble. So one takes care of my scalp, one keeps my hair hydrated and one protects my hair color!


I Use a Hair Mask Every Week

Once a week, I replace my conditioner with a hair mask treatment. It takes longer, but the results make it worthwhile. My current favorites include Natura Brasil's Reconstructive Hair Mask and Briogeo's Deep Conditioning Hair Cap

When I'm lazy and don't want to be in the shower for so long, I use Briogeo's Leave-in Mask instead. It's just a spray on damp hair from mid-length and on the ends, and all you do is comb it through without the need to rinse it out. Super easy!

If you prefer to make you own hair mask at home, I found 5 “recipes” for you to try!


I Try to Avoid Contact with Heat

Heat dries your hair and kills the shine. If you've read my post on time-saving beauty hacks, then you'd know I've been using the Aquis Hair Turban to dry my hair. I still use a hairdryer and a curling wand whenever I need to style my hair, but the hair turban cuts down on drying time by a lot. And because I don't wash my hair every day, I actually don't need to blow-dry it on a daily basis either.

What does your hair care routine look like? Will you adopt any of the tricks I've just share? Let me know by leaving a comment below! 

Thank you for reading!



Tricia Chen is co-founder of Key To Radiance. She loves having fresh flowers in her apartment, putting on face masks, savoring cupcakes and a daily cup of grande almond latte. She works in PR and Marketing, and is currently based in New York.

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