How I Found My New Pair(s) of Everyday Jeans

I always thought finding “the” right pair of jeans was never easy.

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This blog post is sponsored by Stitch Fix; all opinions are my own.

It has long been a challenge for me to shop for jeans because I often find them to be less flattering for my figure. Proportionally, I have a longer torso and shorter legs, and sometimes the wrong pair of jeans can easily make my legs appear even shorter. But there are thousands of options out there — where do I even start?

Instead of wasting time browsing on hundreds of shopping sites, I decided to turn to Stitch Fix and ask the professionals to help me with the search! And if you haven’t heard of them before, Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service.

When I tried Stitch Fix for the very first time, I remember thinking how fun it was to receive pieces picked out just for me by a stylist! Prior to getting my first “fix,” I filled out a form about my body shape, style preferences, and other details like a desired price range. A few days later, the tailored package arrived with 5 carefully-curated items for me to try on; I ended up keeping 3 out of the 5 pieces in my first fix!

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The best part about Stitch Fix is you can let the stylist know if there is anything in particular you’re looking for in every fix. It may be an office-appropriate blazer or a dress to wear to a beach wedding. Or it may just be because you want to update your wardrobe!

For this particular fix, I explained that my goal was to find myself a new pair of go-to everyday jeans. Last week, I got the package and tried all of them on in one go. While I was at it, I decided to film the try-on and share it with you!

Take a look at all 5 pairs of jeans I received:


Overall, I was pretty happy with my fix! All 5 pairs met my criteria — high-waist and suitable for everyday wear. In fact, I initially only planned on keeping one pair, but I ended up with two!


I decided to keep this pair of skinny jeans by Parker Smith because the grey-toned lilac color is great for the upcoming warmer days. I imagine it going well with so many light camisoles or a simple white top to keep the look minimal and clean. The cut also fit me well and the material allows it to be dressed down without looking “lazy” or “tired.”


I couldn’t let go of this pair of light blue jeans by MAVI because it is so, so soft and comfortable! It’s also the right kind of blue that I personally really like!

Photos by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

Photos by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

Another reason why I like the service Stitch Fix offers is the opportunity to discover new brands. I have never tried on clothes by Parker Smith nor Mavi before, for instance, because I wasn’t as aware of the brands. Now, I will likely be paying more attention to their items!

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