Take a Closer Look at My #NYFW Outfits (Part 1)

There goes another season of #NYFW! 

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Wow, New York Fashion Week is already over! Time flew by so fast. This season was my third, and it was so much fun! The shows were great, but the best part of fashion week was being able to meet bloggers from other cities! A lot of people flew in from out of town, and it's been so great to see many of them in New York.

In this post, I'd like to invite you to take a closer look at my outfits!

First Look, Featuring Noon by Noor

My first show of the season was Noon by Noor's SS19 collection. I collaborated with Enze Apparel for the outfit I wore to the show, featuring a black slip dress and a beautiful long cape by Noon by Noor. The beaded feather detail on the back was the highlight of the piece!

I loved the silky material that felt so soft against my skin and how it would flow with me as I walked and moved around. 

Earrings: Maggie Wu Studdio; Bag: Chloe.

Earrings: Maggie Wu Studdio; Bag: Chloe.

#NYFW Day 1

Featuring Noon By Noor's black dress and cape gown.

Photo by  Ashley Gallerani. &nbsp;

Second Look 

Potentially my favorite look of the season, the second look of NYFW day 1 featured a top from A.L.C. which I wore over a green velvet cami dress (click here to see how I previously styled the same dress). To intensify the warm hues, I styled the outfit with gold-studded tan block heels and put on dark red lipstick.


#NYFW Day 1


(Part 2) 

Welcoming warm autumn hues.

Photo by  Ashley Gallerani .&nbsp;

Photo by Ashley Gallerani

Third Look

On the second day of NYFW, I paired a long-sleeve yellow J.O.A. top that I received as a gift from Lulus with my current favorite high-waisted pants from COS. I also wrapped a sweater I got from Banana Republic Factory across my body for an extra layer.

By the way, this look got featured on Disrupshion Magazine!

[#sponsored] In order to glam up the entire outfit, I decided to wear this new pair of bling-bling strappy sandals from Bella Belle! The brand specializes in bridal shoes, but I love that their designs are not only limited to brides! I was at first really worried about wearing new shoes on a day I needed to out for the entire day, but my feet were no pain whatsoever! I was really amazed at how comfortable they were! I got so many compliments from fellow bloggers; most of them were impressed with how long I was able to walk in them!

Walking to shows with Lisa Chen from @stylevoila; photographed by  Karya Schanilec

Walking to shows with Lisa Chen from @stylevoila; photographed by Karya Schanilec

#NYFW Day 2

Full on fall vibes.

Fourth Look

On the third day of NYFW, I decided to do a colorful theme with fellow blogger friends Lisa (@stylevoila) and Krity (@krity_s). So I took out my rainbow dress I recently bought from Reformation and made it more weather-appropriate by putting a pink sweater by & Other Stories over the dress.

My booties were likely the highlight of this outfit, because they're silver with hot pink lollipop heels! They're by an adorable and creative brand from Helsinki called Minna Parikka.


#NYFW Day 3

Colors, and more colors!

After a show at Pier 59 Studios with Lisa ( @stylevoila )&nbsp;and Krity ( @krity_s ); photographed by Ashley Gallerani.

After a show at Pier 59 Studios with Lisa (@stylevoila) and Krity (@krity_s); photographed by Ashley Gallerani.

Do you have a favorite look? Let me know what you think of these outfits this season by leaving a comment below! 

Thank you for reading!



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