How to Wear Your Summer Dress this Fall

I love autumn, but I'm not ready to put the summer dresses away!

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A few months ago, I bought a summery dress from H&M when I was in Europe. I don't usually pick out anything orange but this piece was a pleasant surprise! The color worked on my slightly tanned skin and the fit was really nice. I started wearing it the next day in Budapest.

Despite the fact that autumn is my favorite season, I know I'm also struggling to put this dress away.

So in case you're like me and don't want to say bye to your summer dresses just yet, read on to see how I've incorporated this piece into some looks for fall! 

Wearing the orange dress in Budapest earlier this summer.

Wearing the orange dress in Budapest earlier this summer.

You Can't Go Wrong with a Blazer

I believe a blazer of any form or color is a staple piece, a must-have in every girl's closet. It's the best way to make any outfit look a bit more polished and work-appropriate!

This look features a plaid suit blazer I got from the newly-opened Banana Republic Factory on 34th street in New York City. I love the pattern on the blazer, and I think it's a great transitional piece. To complete the look, I added a belt bag from Zara.

Makeup by Alina ( @alya.sandro ); Photo by  Ashley Gallerani .

Makeup by Alina (@alya.sandro); Photo by Ashley Gallerani.


Sweater Weather is Here

Another piece I got from Banana Republic Factory is this sweater. I love its neutral color and how it compliments the warm hues of the dress.

Since the sweater is plain, I decided to wear the same belt bag across my body. I also switched out my shoes to a tan pair to compliment the entire look.


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