The 5 Stops You Must Make in Dallas

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Last weekend was my first time ever in Dallas, Texas. My husband and I went there to meet our friends half way (they live in Los Angeles). I had a fabulous time and really enjoyed my time there! We visited a lot of places and ate a lot of food throughout the 4-day period. 

In this post, I'm sharing the highlights of my trip. Find out why I think you can't leave Dallas without making these five stops!

1. Enjoy Dallas City View from Trinity Grove

The first stop I made was Trinity Grove, where a lot of cute restaurants and shops like Cake Bar are located. I bought a 5-inch carrot cake from Cake Bar for everyone to share after lunch, and I kid you not, it was gone so fast, we almost forgot we ever had the cake. It was one of the best carrot cakes I've ever had, and I'm a big fan of carrot cakes. Friends in Dallas were impressed with my knowledge of the place, but truth to be told, I didn't originally! It was initially merely a meeting spot for me and the lovely Angie Garcia who shot some of these pretty photos for me!

This spot also offers a great panoramic view of the city! I love how picture-perfect it is. People were biking and running along the pedestrian walkway, too, which created such a nice, chilled atmosphere.

Top from  Everlane ; pants from  Sanctuary Clothing ; heels from  Stuart Weitzman ; and box bag from  Pop&amp;Suki . Photo taken by Angie Garcia.

Top from Everlane; pants from Sanctuary Clothing; heels from Stuart Weitzman; and box bag from Pop&Suki. Photo taken by Angie Garcia.

Top from  Tobi ; skirt from  Joie ; sneakers from  Frye . Photo taken by Angie Garcia.

Top from Tobi; skirt from Joie; sneakers from Frye. Photo taken by Angie Garcia.

The Cake Bar offers a wide range of delicious cakes in various sizes.

The Cake Bar offers a wide range of delicious cakes in various sizes.

2. Stroll Through Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is a lively entertainment district known for its cool street murals and hip art galleries, as well as cafes and eateries. I really like how the area has lots of character. I enjoyed walking around, checking out the vibrant colors on the walls and shopping in quirky little shops. The overall vibe is very nice.


We also had lunch in Deep Ellum, at the well-known bbq place called Pecan Lodge. They offer a lot of smoked meat, as well as beer and wine. I usually find bbq meet too salty but I thought the food at Pecan Lodge were very tasty.

The line at Pecan Lodge is apparently always long. We got there at around 11am on a Friday right when it opened, but still waited for about 35 minutes. If you really want to avoid the hour-long waits, then get there slightly earlier than it's opening time!

There are a lot of chic cafes in the neighborhood, too.

There are a lot of chic cafes in the neighborhood, too.

The bbq at Pecan Lodge tasted amazing!

The bbq at Pecan Lodge tasted amazing!


3. Dine at Town Hearth

Okay, if you can only go to one nice restaurant in Dallas, then let it be Town Hearth. For two main reasons: the food is delicious, and the interior design is simply amazing. 

From the outside, you'll notice the steakhouse has no windows. So when you enter, the atmosphere is set in a very cinematic mood, with rows of grand chandeliers hung from the ceiling. The decor is really cool: there is a large fish tank with a yellow submarine, as well as a beautiful vintage sports car. 

Town Hearth is actually a fairly new restaurant by Dallas chef Nick Badovinus in the design district. For my friends and I, a total of four, we ordered tenderloin tartare, fried oysters, a 32ox Battle Axe and red snapper (special of the day) to share, and everything tasted so good! My favorite was the fried oysters.

Our reservation was for an early dinner at 5:30pm because that was the only opening we could get that weekend! So be sure to book in advance to get a table!


4. Visit The Sixth Floor Museum

To be honest, I didn't think I'd be interested in the Sixth Floor Museum at first. I knew it was a museum about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but because I've never really been that interested in history in general, it wasn't on the top of my list. It was, however, on the top of my husband's list because he's a history buff.

It turned out to be a great experience in the end! I learned so much about what happened. And from the museum, you could actually see out the window where JFK was shot. In fact, it was supposedly the spot where the shooter was seen to set up his rifle.

The museum visit was quite memorable; it was really worth the trip. It would be best to order tickets in advance though, because the first day we tried to go, the tickets were all sold out for the day!


5. Hang out at Fort Worth Stockyards Station

If you're looking for something different, drive out to Fort Worth Stockyards Station, a large historic district with an Old West vibe, and hang there for a few hours! There are a lot of souvenir shops and other stores to shop at, tours to join and restaurants to eat. There is also a photo parlor when you can go and get professional vintage-style photos taken.

Being a West World fan, it was kind of fun being surrounded by people wearing cowboy hats and boots, seeing Texas Longhorns, horse carriages etc. I'd say this is also a very family-friendly spot, too; there is a petting zoo that seemed to be very popular!


Do you have other places you really recommend to Dallas visitors you wish to share? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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