How to Spend Galentine's Day in Style

Hi, everyone!

If for whatever reason you don't have a date for Valentine's Day this year, or you simply prefer spending it with your gal pals, be sure to enjoy the day and celebrate love, in style!

Read on to see my tips on making the most out of Galentine's Day.

The Perfect Place and Time

Maybe you or one of your girlfriends is trying to balance the day out with her special someone and her girlfriends. So consider planning a lunch date or meet for drinks during "happy hour" before you dash off to dinner! You will likely get better photos during the day, anyway!

Some of my recent favorite cafes and lunch spots include the pretty While We Were YoungCafe Colette in Brooklyn, Old Rose in the Jane Hotel, French-Brazillian Restaurant Brigitte and more. If you decide to meet up for drinks, check out New Orlean's style bar 1803, or Plunge on the top of Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC, where you get a great river sunset view.

Enjoying cocktail drinks at  Plunge , located on the rooftop of  Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC , with my Insta-gal pals Lisa ( @hilisays ) and Lea ( @leabohnen ). Photo by  Ashley Gallerani .

Enjoying cocktail drinks at Plunge, located on the rooftop of Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC, with my Insta-gal pals Lisa (@hilisays) and Lea (@leabohnen). Photo by Ashley Gallerani.

Have Your Gift(s) Ready

In case you missed my Galentine's Day Gift Guide, you can also check out my Last Minute Gift Guide for inspiration! Regardless, it's really the gesture and the thought that matters the most, anyway.

Fingerless mittens from  Naadam  is a great gift choice this winter.

Fingerless mittens from Naadam is a great gift choice this winter.


Color-Coordinate Your Outfits

Because, why not? I've always been a fan of coordinating outfits with my girlfriends, so on a special occasion like this, it's a must!

Since the theme is Valentine's Day, the easiest choice is to go for something red or pink. Spice it up with a choice of texture, too, like lace, silk, leather or velvet. And if all that is just too stressful for everyone or perhaps complicated, just go for all black! You can't go wrong with that. Well, you might show up looking like a girl gang... but that's kind of cool in its own way too, right? 


Be Grateful and Live the Moment

Nothing is more important than you being you, sharing laughter and simply having a good time with great company! Be thankful for having wonderful friends in your lives because we often forget to do so. Be sure to give your girlfriends lots of hugs and kisses!


Thank you for reading!



P.S. Special shout out to my "sisters" who are scattered all over the world: love you guys to the moon and back!


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