The Five Things: January Must-haves

Happy New Year, everyone!

Although I'm dealing with a minor post-holiday syndrome right now, I'm really excited for 2018!

I'm starting off the year with a list of my Big Fives for January. Check them out:

The Warmest and Softest Yak Down Sweater

If you've been following me on Instagram, you would've noticed the multiple times I've been re-wearing this sweater recently. I think it's safe to say I'm crazy in love. The sweater is from a brand founded by my friend Carol called Shokay, the world's first socially responsible brand that focuses on producing premium yak down goods.

In case you didn't know, yak down is one of the warmest and softest materials out there; it is also breathable and odor-resistant. Some sweaters are itchy to wear, and I usually can't stand turtlenecks because they make me feel so uncomfortable. So trust me when I tell you how soft and comfortable their products are! 

You can use the code HAPPILYEVERSTYLE to get 15% off your purchase at


I'm wearing the Shambala Sloping Sweater from Shokay in two different colors. Photos by Edward Chyau.


Winter Fur Coats

Fur is everywhere this season. With the post-Christmas sales going around now, this is the best time to get yourself a fur coat! I love this ruby faux fur short jacket from Somedays Lovin. It's a great, chic way to add a pop of color to my otherwise dark (and slightly boring) winter wardrobe.

Photo taken by  Ashley Gallerani .

Photo taken by Ashley Gallerani.


Unusual and Uniquely-Shaped Bags

One of the current bag trends is highlighting unique designs and unusual shapes. The box bag I featured in my Best Christmas Gifts post is my favorite right now. It surprisingly holds a lot of my stuff, despite the small size. I got a whole wish list of other bags I'd like to check out and purchase some time this month, too (*grins*). 

A Beret 

I'm not exactly a beanie person, just because I don't think I look good in them. Berets, however, I adore! I got a handwoven one in tan/brown last week from a local boutique store, matching the color tone of my hair. My husband picked it out for me, actually!

I think it is the best accessory to have right now because not only does it keep your head warm, but it also saves you from a bad (or flat) hair day! 

Photo taken by  Ashley Gallerani .

Photo taken by Ashley Gallerani.


Lip Balms


My lips are often very dry and they chap easily, especially in the winter. The worst tends to be when I'm in heated rooms. Even if you don't think you have dry lips, using a good lip balm to prep your lips for any color you layer on after would help protect your lips, too. So having one, or several, moisturizing lip balms around is quite important, I'd say!

Some of my favorites include Balm Dotcom by Glossier, the 101 Ointment by Lanolips, and Lip Balm by Frank Body. If you're interested in my complete lip care routine, check out the beauty site Key To Radiance. 


Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful start to 2018!



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Tricia Chen is co-founder of Key To Radiance. She loves having fresh flowers in her apartment, putting on face masks, savoring cupcakes and a daily cup of grande almond latte. She works in PR and Marketing, and is currently based in New York.

Skin Type: Combination skin with an oily T-zone area (forehead and nose). Changes in climate, diet and/or lack of sleep irritates skin and causes inflammation, which then leads to large pores. High moisture level required on dry cheeks.