Cami Dress: From Work to Play

Hi, everyone!

This week, I'm sharing a styling trick that I fell in love with recently. I'll be going from "work" to "play" by simply changing one single piece of item, meaning packing just one item into the tote bag you carry to work! Quick and easy, and hassle-free!

The foundation of my two outfits.

The foundation of my two outfits.

So the foundation of this outfit is a navy blue silk dress I got from Aritzia. I love the little black lace detail and find the over-the-knee length to be office appropriate.

But I would never just wear a silk dress like this to meetings, especially if they are going to be in air-conditioned rooms. Plus, I don't like showing too much skin in a professional environment.

Silk Dress - Styling for Work

For a more work-appropriate look, I'm topping the silk dress with a black suit jacket and adding a wide belt to eventuate my waistline. I'm pairing the outfit with a pair of nude heels, so I can elongate my short legs. I think the highlight of this outfit is the mixing of different materials: lace, silk, and leather.

Suit jacket: Zara and a similar  here ; Silk dress:  Wilfred Free  and a similar style  here ; Shoes:  Stuart Weitzman .

Suit jacket: Zara and a similar here; Silk dress: Wilfred Free and a similar style here; Shoes: Stuart Weitzman.


Silk Dress: Styling for Play Time

Off-work, I simply take off my suit jacket and put a midi skirt over the silk dress. I purposely picked a midi skirt that is slightly shorter than the silk dress, so that the blue would peep out a little on the bottom for a layering effect. This is optional, but I swapped out the nude heels to a pair of black block-heel sandals. 

I love this look because I feel so comfortable in it. The outer layer hides my tummy, allowing me to eat and drink all I want without worrying about a big post-meal belly. I also love the feminine touch that the full skirt adds to the look!

Midi skirt: Similar  here ; Bag:  Chloe ; Shoes:  Gianvito Rossi .

Midi skirt: Similar here; Bag: Chloe; Shoes: Gianvito Rossi.


And that's all for today. I hope you like the styling tip and the two outfits I put together! How would you style a silk dress for work and after work? Please share with me in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, and have a great week!



Photo credits go to Tiffany Chen (@photosbytifff).

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