Five Photogenic Places in Boston

Hello, everyone!

Before I moved to New York, I lived in Boston for two years. The city reminded me of my carefree college days in the United Kingdom (yes, I went to college in the U.K.), thanks to all the English accents seen throughout the city. I love New York now, but I do miss Boston!

The past month I went back to Boston a few times, and while I was there, I felt like the city somehow seemed prettier than I remembered. I guess because my perspective has changed! With this in mind, I then decided to put together a video featuring five of my personal favorite photo spots in Boston for you! Yes, let's get Instagram-ready, shall we?

(By the way - you'll see my engagement photos from 2015 in the video!)

Places mentioned in the video, in the order of appearance:

  1. Beacon Hill

  2. Acorn Street

  3. Boston Public Garden

  4. Boston Public Library 

  5. The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston 

Photo credits: Brad Bahner (@bradbahner), Aimee Nyugen (@zincstudiophotography), Saleema (@saleemaem), Danita Jo, and Caitlin Cunningham.

Street style shot on Acorn Street. Photo by Brad Bahner.

Street style shot on Acorn Street. Photo by Brad Bahner.

There are other photogenic spots in the city that I didn't get to cover, and some of them are listed below for your reference. If you ever get a chance to visit Boston, definitely check them out as well!

And that's all for now! Thank you stopping by!



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