Styling 1 Red Dress for 3 Occasions

Happy Lunar New Year to those celebrating!

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February has always been one of the most eventful months for me! This year, Chinese New Year is followed immediately (and semi-overlapping) with New York Fashion Week, and then there’s Valentine’s Day, as well as London Fashion Week (yes, I’ll be attending this season!). And then, I will be wrapping up the month with my birthday!

I don’t often wear red, but I do love wearing red throughout February because the color is a must during Chinese New Year (for good luck, of course) and perfect for Valentine’s Day. For some magical reasons, I think red makes me feel extra strong and powerful, so I like wearing the color on my birthday, too!

In today’s post, I’m styling the same midi silk dress from a sustainable fashion brand I first came across half a year ago called AGAATI. The piece has these beautiful embroidered birds created using a manual machine operated by skilled artisans in India!

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Read on to see the looks I put together for 3 different occasions:

Lucky Vibes for Chinese New Year

Red is considered the most auspicious color to wear during Chinese New Year, which makes this dress a perfect choice to wear on Lunar New Year’s Day! I won’t get to celebrate it with my immediate family this year, but my husband and I will be having family dinner on new year’s eve with relatives in New York, so I will be sure to show up in the lucky color!

To ensure I double my luck for the year, I picked out a coat of a similar red tone to wear over the silk dress. And then I put on my new booties since it is too cold for me to wear pumps right now!

Double the luck with two layers of red for Chinese New Year; Photo by Ashley Gallerani.

Double the luck with two layers of red for Chinese New Year; Photo by Ashley Gallerani.


Romantic Vibes for Valentine’s Day

I adore how this dress flows and I think the soft material gives it a romantic vibe. For Valentine’s Day, I decided to add rosy pink hues to the look, so I wore a pink blazer over the dress! And because the blazer is a little oversized, I added a pink belt over everything to accentuate my waistline. Since Valentine’s Day is on a weekday this year, you can even go from work straight to dinner in the same outfit!

Photos by Ashley Gallerani.

Photos by Ashley Gallerani.

Pairing pink with red has been an on-going trend recently and I personally just can’t get enough of this color combination!


Casual Chic for Birthday Celebrations

Last, but not least, this is likely my favorite look out of the three!

For a more casual vibe perfect for a birthday brunch or afternoon tea with my girlfriends, I grabbed a soft leather jacket and a pair of flat over-the-knee boots to make sure the outfit is chic and comfortable at the same time! The dress isn’t too tight, so it leaves me extra room for a second (or third) piece of cake!


How would you style this red dress? And where would you wear it to? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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