Styling 1 Pair Of Oxfords for 4 Occasions

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This blog post is sponsored by Zappos, featuring Rockport; all opinions are 100% my own.

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When I was younger, I used to put my feet through immense pain several times a year. Mostly because all I cared about was how I looked and "comfort" wasn't a priority. But as I get older (and a lot wiser), I've started to put more effort in caring for the well-being of my dear feet. Hurting them only makes things less enjoyable in general, anyway. So why suffer?

Although "comfort" has moved its way up my ladder, "style" is still very, very important! The perfect pair is only truly perfect when it's comfortable and chic!

The star of this post is the Ayva Oxford trainers from Rockport. I found them on Zappos so I could get free shipping both ways in case they didn't fit me well (and did you know they have a 365-day return policy? Amazing!). I love these because they look so sleek in a cute pink hue, and are extremely comfortable to wear — I didn't even need to break them in! They're also so light and has a removable Ortholite® (by O2 Partners) footbed cushion that is breathable and durable. The EVA outsoles absorb impact and offer great flexibility, allowing it to be worn for any type of outdoor event!

Read on to check out how I styled the same pair of trainers on 4 different occasions:

Out to Explore | Vacation Style

As my "travel season" begins, all I can think of is what to wear as I explore new places. Being out and about for a long period of time is obviously part of the experience, but making sure my feet are comfortable and suitable for all types of activities plays an important role when putting outfits together.

Dress:&nbsp;Cuyana; Bag: X Nihilo. Photos by Ashley Gallerani.

Dress: Cuyana; Bag: X Nihilo. Photos by Ashley Gallerani.


Meeting A Special Someone | Date Outfit

Who says you must wear heels when you're going on a date? If your feet hurts, can you even enjoy the date anymore? Of course not! Because this pair of Oxfords are in soft blush tones, it goes really well with light, pastel hues and romantic pieces like my off-the-shoulder cropped top with floral lace details.

Bag: Pop&amp;Suki; Sunglasses: Bonnie Clyde.

Bag: Pop&Suki; Sunglasses: Bonnie Clyde.

Top: Tobi; Jeans: Everlane.

Top: Tobi; Jeans: Everlane.

Off to the Airport | Travel Outfit

The Ayva is perfect to travel in because your feet will be able to breathe after wearing them during long journeys. From getting a cab to running around the airport, your feet will thank you for being so kind and considerate! And you still look stylish and chic, too!

Suitcase: Away.

Suitcase: Away.


Coffee Meetings | Business Casual

Thanks to the sleek design, this pair of Oxford trainers is a cross-between of something casual but still smart, too! If you live in a city like me, I think there is nothing better than a great pair of shoes that will allow you to go from running errands to meetings over coffee to attending events, and more. Just throw on a blazer and you're ready to go conquer the world!


Let me know what you think of the 4 looks by leaving a comment below! Thank you for reading!



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