Styling 1 Tulle Skirt in 2 Ways

Tis' the season to wear a tulle skirt!

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I guess you can technically wear it anytime you want, too, but I see May and June as the perfect time of the year to wear a tulle skirt. I get to pretend I'm a ballerina or a modern-day princess for a day or two!

In this post, I'm sharing two looks, one formal and the other a little casual, featuring a mint tulle skirt I received as a gift from Jenny Yoo, the elegant brand offering dresses designed for the bridal party, wedding guests, as well as anyone attending any form of special occasions.

First Look: For A Fancy Event | Something Formal

Because it can still be a bit chilly in spring, especially in the evenings, I like wearing a dress or a top with sleeves. This cropped cardigan, also from Jenny Yoo, has really cute pearl embellishments! I think it's the perfect piece for this season and it can be worn to work or to dinner dates, depending on what you style it with.

When styled with the tulle skirt, I think its great for a spring wedding or a cocktail party! It's chic and you don't have to worry about how windy it is because tulle stays down regardless (I personally had a bad flowy-dress-meets-windy-day experience). You also don't need to worry about over-eating since the skirt hides your belly, anyway (hehe).

I paired this look with my new M.Gemi gold block heels called The Pilone, which you will see on repeat this season because it literally goes with so many outfits! It's so comfortable to walk in, too, which is a big bonus for me.

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Second Look: For A Fun Day Out | Something Casual

I dressed the tulle skirt down with a denim jacket and a cropped top and paired the outfit with a pair of white sneakers. This is great for brunch, out shopping, or a picnic at the park! I actually really love the blue/mint green combination!

My torso is longer and legs are shorter, so I went for a cropped top to elongate my bottom half. This was especially important because I wore sneakers with this outfit! 


Which look do you like more? Let me know by leaving a comment below! Or share a look with me!

Thank you for reading!



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