How to Style The Same Cashmere Sweater in 6 Ways

I think owning good staple pieces, like a well-fitted little black dress or a classic trench coat, for instance, is like building a strong foundation for your wardrobe. Just because you re-wear the same pieces of clothing, it doesn’t mean your outfits are boring or always the same. I guess that may also be the reason why I love doing my how-to-style blog posts, because I get to show how I have fun styling the same pieces in different looks!

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It is essential to have quality pieces that keep you warm in the winter. I used to only care about how clothes look on me and neglected functionality. And then of course, I suffered in the freezing cold countless times. But I’ve learned my lesson, and now, I only go for something that is both stylish and practical!

A good example would be this beautiful grey cashmere sweater from W. Cashmere that I’m styling in this post! W. Cashmere is a new brand that produces quality cashmere pieces made with materials sourced from Pamir Mountains. The sweater, which is named Tricia, by the way, is designed to last, so I know I can rely on it keeping my warm for many winters to come.

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Scroll down to see the 6 different ways I’ve styled it:

Play with Texture

The first look features a mix of different textures. I layered the W. Cashmere sweater over a black turtleneck bodysuit and paired it over cobalt blue velvet pants from & Other Stories. I then added a leather belt and bag to the whole look.

Photo by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

Suit Up

I wore this suit for the first time during Fashion Week in September with a bralette when it was a lot warmer. Now that the temperature continues to drop, I decided to re-wear the suit with the cashmere sweater.

I rolled up the sleeves of my blazer to “uncover” the cashmere sweater’s bell sleeves design, which is one of my favorite things about this piece!

Photo by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

Over a Dress

One of the best ways to wear summer or autumn dresses is to layer sweaters over them! Take this satin dress for example, I love the color but it was simply too cold to wear it alone. So I put the sweater over it and flipped the collars out.

Then I found an obi belt to tie the entire look together, and wore a pair of pumps in a matching color.

Photo by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

Something Office-Appropriate

I don’t work in an actual office but when I visit my clients in their work places or am out for meetings, I like to dress myself in outfits that I think are a bit more office-appropriate!

For this outfit, I paired the sweater over a blue asymmetric pencil skirt and added a black belt. I kept the overall color tone down (i.e. no crazy color combinations here).

Photo by Ashley Gallerani Photography.


Monochrome + A Pop of Color

When in doubt, or short on time in the morning, just go for the same color from head to toe, because you can never go wrong with monochromatic outfits!

I paired the sweater over my grey wool pants, and to add a pop of color, I reached for a yellow coat.

Yes to Tulle!

I love tulle skirts! And I think wearing this black one with the sweater makes a great outfit for a semi-casual date night or just brunch with the girls on the weekend!

I paired the whole look with sneakers for that reason, to keep the overall look a bit more casual!

Photo by Wini via The Laurel Creative Team.

Which outfit out of the 6 do you like the most? How would you style this sweater? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Thank you for reading!



W. Cashmere is currently offering discounts on the site!

W. Cashmere is currently offering discounts on the site!


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