Styling Summer Evening Sandals In the Winter

I used to put summer heels away in the winter, but not anymore!


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I especially make sure those that are extra comfortable to walk in stay out so I can have access to them easily! Some of my most comfortable heels are from Bella Belle Shoes, and if you’ve been following my blog, then you should be pretty familiar to them already, or at least recognize what a big fan I am of their shoes!

In this post, I’m styling a pair of evening sandals named Audrey in two different outfits for the colder days. Audrey has an oversized gold bow detail and I think she is the perfect alternative to nude heels; I adore the subtle feminine element.

I received this pair of heels from Bella Belle Shoes as a gift; all opinion are my own.

Now that the temperature is dropping in New York, I can no longer handle walking out with uncovered feet or toes, but I can’t resist wearing this pair of elegant sandals, so I decided to wear them with my new favorite socks from & Other Stories!

Scroll down to see my outfits!


Outfit No. 1 | Date night or weekend brunch

I love wearing maroon in the fall, and I’m sure you can see why — it’s the perfect autumn hue! I paired a warm yak down sweater over a velvet pleated skirt, and belted it with my current go-to pink belt. Then I added a pair of glittery striped socks before I slipped on my heels. For an extra layer of warmth, I added my wool scarf!

Photos by Ashley Gallerani Photography.


Outfit No. 2 | Coffee meetings

I like to keep these muted when I meet clients and brands for coffee meetings just because I want to still look somewhat professional! This all-grey monochromatic outfit is so easy to put together, but very work-appropriate. The bling-bling sweater is from Kobi Halperin; the cropped pants from Aritzia; my charcoal glittery socks are from & Other Stories; and my black wool coat is from Reiss.

Photos by Ashley Gallerani Photography.


How do you wear your summer heels in the winter? Share your tips with me by leaving a comment below!

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