Why Your Special Someone Deserves This Limited Edition Chanel N°5

We’re nearing the season of gifting!

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This blog post is completed in collaboration with Chanel, Inc; all opinions are 100% my own.

I’ve always loved the months between October and December because of Thanksgiving and Christmas. My parents, my brother and I don’t live in the same city now, so I especially look forward to this time of the year since that tends to be when we all get to meet up somewhere.

As much as I love receiving gifts, I have also really, really grown to enjoy giving them! I think there’s no better feeling than seeing loved ones opening the presents you’ve picked out for them. And of course, what makes me happier is when they actually love the gifts, too!

This year, just in time for the gifting season, Chanel debuts a limited edition N°5, the signature fragrance, in an ephemeral red bottle (which apparently, is Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite color)! When I saw it, I knew immediately this is going to be the perfect gift for my mother!

The  special ephemeral red edition Chanel N°5  is exclusively available at Chanel until November 1, 2018. Photo by  Ashley Gallerani Photography .

The special ephemeral red edition Chanel N°5 is exclusively available at Chanel until November 1, 2018. Photo by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

My mother has been a long-time Chanel N°5 fan; a few bottles she got over the years are actually still standing elegantly on her vanity table back in Los Angeles. And I cannot wait to add this gorgeous version to her collection!

The limited edition N°5 offers a new approach to the definition of femininity. The legendary “floral bouquet” scent is fresh, yet sophisticated. The formula using the finest rare ingredients is complex yet easy to wear, featuring May Rose and Jasmine, brightened with citrus top notes.

I think your special someone deserves to receive this unique gift because the collector’s edition Baccarat crystal bottle is really one of the prettiest, most elegant perfume bottles I’ve ever seen! And because the red tones change its intensity throughout the day depending on the amount of light there is, I almost feel like the bottle is “alive,” changing its mood and feelings from morning to night. The fragrance, like time, is fluid; it shifts and it sways.

This bottle is currently exclusively available at Chanel before November 1, 2018. Between November 2 and December 31, 2018, it will be available online and at select boutiques.

Let me know if you have any questions about the perfume by leaving a comment below! Thank you for reading!



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