The Five Things: November Must-Haves

Hi, everyone!

It's only starting to feel like autumn, but we're already a week away from November!

Today, I've put together a list of my Big Fives for the coming month, including a few gift suggestions you can consider bringing home over Thanksgiving! Check them out: 

A Pair of Chic White Booties

White booties have been seen everywhere, being paired with dresses, jeans, cropped pants etc. Up until last week, I've never owned a white pair of shoes, other than sneakers. But white booties are such subtle statement pieces this season! They turn any outfit into an autumn-ready one, effortlessly.

So I decided to look into this trend and tried a few pairs. There weren't any that I thought looked good on me, and finally, I found this pair of ankle boots from Vince

The price point is perfect for me in this case because it was kind of a "trial" trend piece for me. I love the blocked heels and the pointy toes; they're really comfortable to walk in, too! I ended up wearing them a lot already. Hence, they're on the top of this list.

Some other similar styles for your reference:

Moisturizing Hand cream

As the weather gets cooler, I notice my hands are becoming drier. So I've started stocking up on some hand lotions, making sure I have one at my desk, in my bag, and by my bedside. One of my all-time favorites is the Shea Butter Hand Cream by L'Occitane, but I recently came across two other great choices, too: the Castanha hand cream by Natura Brasil and Miel de Lavande Hand Cream from the French brand Bastide.


Fall Sweater(s)

You cannot go through autumn without one, or a few, fall sweaters. The pieces I picked out to wear this season are mostly oversized. One of my favorites is this cashmere sweater from Naked Cashmere; I love the boat neckline design and how light it is.

I used to have bad bacne (i.e. back acne), so in addition to style, another factor I would I consider when picking sweaters is whether or not it would irritate my back. Only the soft, comfortable sweaters make it through the next season and preferably the following year, too.

Photo by Tiffany Chen (@photosbytifff).

Photo by Tiffany Chen (@photosbytifff).

A Good Book

I recently finished reading Option B by Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg and found myself really learning a lot from her and co-author Adam Grant. I actually got this book as a gift from a close friend a couple months ago, but only really started reading the book after my grandfather passed away.

In the book, Sandberg shares her journey after the sudden death of her husband. I was able to relate to a lot that she went through and actually found comfort from it. I know people deal with losses everywhere, every day, but the book made me feel less alone; it was as if I had a guide that helped me along the way.

Even if you yourself aren't dealing with a loss, I think the book is still great because I think it also taught me how to support others in moments as such. So if you're looking for a good read, give this book a try!

A Gift to Bring Home for Thanksgiving

Who says Christmas is the only gifting holiday? In the spirit of the "thankful" month, I've put together a list of gift ideas for you to bring home during Thanksgiving! Or perhaps, for you to simply show your gratitde to a special someone in your life. 

Gift ideas under $50:

Gift ideas under $100:

And that's all from me for now! Leave a comment below and let me know what your November must-haves are!

Thank you for reading.



Tricia Chen is co-founder of Key To Radiance. She loves having fresh flowers in her apartment, putting on face masks, savoring cupcakes and a daily cup of grande almond latte. She works in PR and Marketing, and is currently based in New York.

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