How to Get Unique Jewelry Without Breaking the Bank

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Note: This is a sponsored blog post; all opinions are my own.

Sometimes we want unique designer pieces but we can't afford the high retail prices, but most of the affordable jewelry out there are everywhere (yes, I've bumped into people wearing the same earrings or necklaces before), and often made of poor quality.

So if you're like me and don't like to wear jewelry that everyone else has (and can actually only wear nickel-free pieces made with good material), then you'd want to know where I've been getting my earrings from!

Join the Club: Ana Luisa 

I recently discovered a members-only jewelry brand called Ana Luisa (sign up and get $15 off with TRICIA15), and I must say: it was love at first sight!

I adore them because they offer designer jewelry at a very fair price, eliminating the middle-man. Designers at the New York-based Ana Luisa used to work for big brands like Kenzo, Alexander Wang, Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren, so they are well-connected to premium manufacturers.

Every single product is individually handcrafted with carefully-selected, high-quality materials, and every piece is released in limited quantity to guarantee uniqueness. So yes, you would be decreasing the chances of bumping into someone wearing the same pieces. 

And all of this without paying the big brand markup (apparently it can go up to 15x! Crazy!). If that ain't amazing, I'm not sure what is!

Members-only Benefits

Only members have access to Ana Luisa's jewelry collection; you can use TRICIA15 to sign up and get $15 off! You get to enjoy a complimentary one year warranty on every purchase, and one surprise gift upon every order! Not sure about you, but I'm a big fan of surprises.

The best part is: your 5th piece will be given to you as a gift from Ana Luisa! And this is offered throughout the year. I think that is such a nice gesture! 

Style Inspiration

I've worn pieces from Ana Luisa to events and have often gotten compliments from fellow bloggers, as well as my friends when I meet up with them.

I love how elegant the designs are. The earthy tones make most of them suitable for everyday wear, so they work well with a lot of outfits! 

Check out how I styled some of my favorites ones:

(Photos taken by Ashley Gallerani.)

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