Sleepwear for Everywhere — Introducing No Plans NYC

Who says you can’t wear PJs to work?


About a month ago, I met with one of the founders, Gwen, of a new luxury sleepwear brand called No Plans NYC, which just officially launched today on November 8! Congratulations! The brand has a capsule collection of 18 pieces featuring 3 adorable pastel colors in yellow, blue and pink. The pieces are so soft to touch and so easy to maintain and manage, thanks to the material! And in case you’re wondering, no, this is NOT a sponsored blog post! I decided to write a blog post about it because I really adore the brand and what it’s trying to offer!

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Created by Opening Ceremony & Net-a-Porter alums, No Plans NYC is adding chic pieces to your everyday wardrobe in and out of bed! As someone who works from home fairly often, I love that now I have the option of feeling comfortable and still look good whenever, wherever! And if I need to run out for coffee meetings, I can easily throw on a blazer and be out in no time. The pieces are really more versatile than you would think!

Read on to see how I wear the same pajamas at home, for coffee meetings, and out running errands:

Chilling at Home

What I wear often determines how I feel. So I do find myself to be less efficient and a bit lazier when I’m in my oversized, 10-year-old “distressed” t-shirt and my dad’s old shorts that was passed down to me because it shrunk in the dryer once.

I’ve always wanted to wear chic, adorable sleepwear, but often find them either really expensive (and requires high maintenance), or really cheap and low quality. No Plans NYC is likely the first sleepwear brand that I’ve recently came across, offering stylish, quality pieces at a reasonable price.

And the best part is: I can leave the house and show off the pieces, too!

Photos by Ashley Gallerani Photography.


Going for a Coffee Meeting

The idea of wearing pajamas to work is somewhat outrageous, but it works if you do it right! Because the tops by No Plans are designed with a collar, it really works like any shirt you would wear to work. I folded up the sleeves for a neater look, and since it’s gotten a lot chillier these days, I have my blazer on as well; it really tied the coffee-meeting look together.

And if you’re going for an even more work-appropriate look, you can still keep the shirt on, but just go for a full-on suit!


Running Errands in Style

I always reach for my trusty beret when I’m just too lazy to do anything to my hair. After all, I don’t need to look runway-ready, but just decent enough to roam around the city, you get what I’m sayin’?

So over the same pink pajama top I wore in the first look, I have my super soft sweater cardigan to keep me warm, and I styled it with a pair of plaid pants that has pink accents! I honestly don’t think anyone would really notice I’m in my sleepwear, do you?


How would you wear your sleepwear? There are a ton more inspirations on No Plans NYC’s website, just hop on over and check them out!

Thank you for reading!




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