Let's Talk About This Rose Gold Watch

Tis’ the season to be gifting.

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This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Casio G-SHOCK; all opinions are my own.

Last week, I was invited to BabbleBoxx’s holiday collection preview party and came across a booth that caught my attention: G-SHOCK!

Why? Because it brought back childhood memories! The first watch I’ve ever received as a gift was from my dad, and it was a G-SHOCK watch. I still remember it was pink (similar to this one) and the coolest piece of accessory I owned for a while.

So I stopped at the booth and talked to a representative to learn more about the brand, check out the current collection, and try on some watches.

I’ve always been a fan of rose gold, so I was naturally drawn to pieces that feature those luxe tones. I used to think G-SHOCK styles are purely sporty, but I realized many of the styles from the current collection are in fact great day-to-night watches, designed with more refined and sophisticated details.

The watch I received as a gift from G-SHOCK is from the G-MS line. It is designed for modern-day women playing multiple roles on a daily basis (which is basically all of us).

Because a lot of my jewelry pieces are rose gold, it is so easy for me to stack them with the watch. From barre classes to coffee meetings to brand events, the watch is never out of place.

This model comes with Dual Dial World Time, which allows me to know the current time in New York, as well as in Taipei, where my parents are right now. Produced using quality resin, stainless steel and mineral glass, the watch is built to last; being shock resistant and 100-meter water resistant are some of its greatest features.

I personally think this is a great gift, and find US$170 to be a good price point! I plan to get the same watch in another color for my cousin this Christmas. To stay fit, she goes to the gym daily in the morning before her part-time job starts; and then she picks up my baby nephew on her way home and resumes her new role as a mother for the rest of the day. Being on time to everything everywhere is so crucial now than ever before, yet she still uses her phone to check the time. It is no longer as convenient as it used to be for her, so I think this will be a perfect gift!

Do you have someone in mind who may like to receive a watch this holiday season? Or maybe you are the one who would like to receive one? Let me know what you think about the this line by leaving a comment below!

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I received this rose gold watch from the G-MS line as a gift from G-SHOCK; photo by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

I received this rose gold watch from the G-MS line as a gift from G-SHOCK; photo by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

Photo taken by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

Photo taken by Ashley Gallerani Photography.

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