Photo credit: Elena Gola Photography

Photo credit: Elena Gola Photography

Photo credit: Ashley Gallerani

Photo credit: Ashley Gallerani

about tricia

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Tricia grew up in Taipei and went to college in the United Kingdom. She currently lives in New York City.

Tricia is a travel addict who is fortunate enough to see new places several times a year. She isn't the most stylish person out there, but she enjoys putting a good outfit together - a good outfit that provides her with comfort and confidence. Above all, Tricia enjoys sharing what has made her day - whether it is a cute pair of packable shoes that turns out to be a lifesaver, or a beautiful scene she came upon unexpectedly.

Tricia is also the founder of Once Upon, a New York City-based influencer marketing agency.


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about happily ever style

Happily Ever Style is a space where Tricia shares her personal style through her how-to series, #realoutfits, travel stories, and beauty tips!

Special thanks to my friend Annie Chang (@moments.byannie) for designing Happily Ever Style's logo.